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-Inspired by life and shaped by will-

"Everyone has their own stories to tell. Some are dark, some are beautiful, and some are both."

This is the mantra by which Unexpected Fall operates. Music has helped each of the four artists pass all the stumbling blocks in their paths. So, their songs are also shaped by moments from their lives. There have been several stories written, no matter if fictional or real. The musicians set out on an adventure, their luggage full of all their passions, hopes and dreams, fears and dark moments. They can pack all this compactly and full of emotion into one song to take you with them on their journey. If you let yourself get into Unexpected Fall, you will find yourself on a roller coaster of emotions.

Thoughtful moments, catchy melodies, driving beats, profound, often controversial lyrics, form the essence of their creative work. Stories, taken from the heart of life and not infrequently dark, unite with thoughtful song structures. Yet despite the often-oppressive mood, some hope always shimmers through to express the strength of the passionately interacting protagonists. The powerful and distinctive voice, make the sound additionally interesting and recognizable. The whole is rounded off with various modern elements and make it a mixture of post-grunge and alternative rock.

This is Unexpected Fall. They want to surprise; they want to carry away. But above all they want to tell their stories, because these want to be heard.

Founded in 2017, the four already stood on stage for the first time one year later. In the following months, the band worked determinedly on a variety of songs. In September 2019, their first 3-track CD was then released, with which they first drew attention to themselves.

Shortly after, they participated in the SPH Band contest, where they shot straight through to the semi-finals. After that, the first lyric videos were created and a growing fanbase slowly but surely formed on Social-Media. More concerts followed, but then came the forced Corona break.

The four used this time to work diligently on new material again. As soon as safety permitted, the band went into the studio to work on their first official album. Then, in October 2021, they shot their first official music video. Since March 2022, three singles have been released at irregular intervals, as well as the accompanying music video for "Rage". This allowed the band to attract greater attention.

The release of the debut "Dark Beautiful Mind" is imminent. Unexpected Fall are ready to go and want to take you with them to write many more stories.

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